Services portfolio

  • Importer/ exporter registration in the Customs General Direction
  • Import/ export statistics
  • Obtaining  the customs surety bond
  • Certificate of typification for the Secretary of  Industry, Commerce and Mining (CTIT)
  • Trading stamps
  • Registrations in  SENASA , ANMAT ,INAL ,INASE ,IASCAV
  • Administrative management in the Secretary of  Industry and Commerce (Sworn Statement for textile goods, LAPI,  Fair Trading, Electrical Safety, SIMELA, INV, etc.)

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions. National interest. Tax  Exemption
  • Certificate of origin: drawing up, presentation and authentification
  • Merchandise custody
  • Internal transportations
  • Storing of nationalized loads
  • Collection of packages send by mail
  • Delivery courier for samples
  • Unaccompanied luggage
  • Duty-free status for diplomats

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